United Call Centers

Training services

The continuous training is our principle

The professional competence of our colleagues is of outstanding importance to us. We improve the professional knowledge and the outstanding communication skills through continuous training. We believe that knowledge with appropriate communication skills can be the most efficient.

What do we offer within the training services?

Creating and managing the training programmes are part of it so that we can transfer the highest-quality and most useful knowledge during the improvements. Excellent conversational skills are important in every area. Therefore, we believe that besides the professional preparedness, the role of communication training is also significant in the operation of an enterprise. Everyone has the chance to improve during these pieces of training, ranging from the managers to those doing the front office activities.

The aim of our coaching course is to support organizations and people who are healthy or have difficulties or would like to improve themselves in certain areas. The client does not get a solution to the problem during the course but learns to adopt the method which makes him or her ability to solve the problem in his or her own.

Several competencies can be improved on a training, such as:

  • Managerial skills, so that you can become the best possible
  • The methodology of team building, since a successful team is a key to success
  • Sales, customer service and management support

Why is it beneficial to use our training service?

  • The training teamwork – so it is a good opportunity to unite a community.
  • The knowledge becomes available for more people at the same time, who then can fulfill their tasks with the same bases.
  • The concentrated time-course enables that the participants escape from the daily working environment. Therefore, the training can somehow become the tool of recreation for the colleagues.