United Call Centers

Telesales services

Inbound services

The United Call Centers provides quality call center service for its Clients in the areas of customer service, customer management, sales and in the business activities linked to these and also provides every needed human and material resource in high quality. We establish professional systems, which are suitable for inbound calls within a call center service.

Contact us if the fast and efficient client management is important for you!

A well-planned customer service system can facilitate the daily activities of the enterprises nowadays. Not only the selection of the appropriate operators are inevitable for the outstanding customer experience but also the monitoring and evaluation of the calls. These can be easily and transparently tracked by our online systems.

Outbound services

The enhancement of sales and reputation, assessment, publicity of products and services is extremely important for an enterprise if its aim is a fruitful economic operation.

We make effort to get to know the services of our clients and to establish the communication and the sales script so that the clients of our partners can trust us.

We welcome all jobs that are linked to the area of telesales and telemarketing whether it is about the direct supply of goods or participant recruitment for a conference, event or other presentation, online supply of goods, market research, scheduling, performing customer satisfaction surveys.

The preparedness and qualification of our colleagues facilitate the successful telesales and provides outstanding customer experience for the called party too. It is important to us that in our accurate and transparent system we can track the date and type of service we contacted the customers within the database.

We welcome every work in the area of telesales, telemarketing and call center prepared.