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Contact Center Services

A safe way for making calls
Our services include the whole scale of contact center services, from telesales to back office tasks, managing inbound and outbound calls. It’s a well known fact that the customer service can greatly influence our perception of a company, so it is greatly important to us that our colleagues serve our partners’ customers with high level of expertise and communication skills.

UCC - Contact Center szolgáltatások

UCC - HR szolgáltatások

HR services

The right person for the job
We own our success to the people working for us and our team. Finding a person with the right competence is not enough, we believe that having the right personality and attitude is equally important to deliver our results.

Telesales Services

Professional telemarketing and sales
There are many companies in the telesales field in our country, however, tendencies show that quantity became more important than quality, in most people, telesales meets with negative attitude, thanks to violent and underprepared campaigns. Our expertise and continously evolving training program ensures that your company’s clients and customers get the highest level of service and most accurate information, which means more effective sales of your products and services.

UCC - Telesales szolgáltatások

UCC - Tréning szolgáltatások

Training services

Continuous training is one of our principals
Our co-workers’ professionality is eminent to us. Our continuous training program ensures their knowledge and communication skills are up to the highest standard. We believe that theoretical knowledge paired with good communication abilities can achieve the highest efficiency.

Software development

Make our ideas real
Information technology plays a crucial role in today’s corporate operations. We develop and integrate softwares that supports everyday operation, such as database solutions, desktop and mobile applications.

UCC - Szoftverfejlesztés


The work of our team of more than 250 people is reviewed and evaluated monthly on a regular basis, on a predetermined qualitative and quantitative basis. The key to our efficiency is the continuous performance monitoring, thus helping the professional development of our colleagues. Our Supervisor and Quality Team regularly provide on-the-go feedback as well as we provide immediate feedback to our operators. At the offices of United Call Centers, our colleagues have years of experience with our Clients.

Quality services

United Call Centers was founded with the purpose of providing quality service to our partners in the areas of customer service, customer relations, sales and in related business fields, providing human and material resources to the highest level. We are adapting to our partners’ ever changing needs.

Our goal is to help grow our partners’ efficiency through our services, and make their customers every need that we provide in their names.


Since the success of the customer service center is in the hands of the people, the foundation of our corporate culture is to create an atmosphere where every colleague is satisfied with their working conditions, so they can focus on the clients and keep developing their abilities and skills. To support this, we periodically organise trainings for them, the coaching activity is continuous, and keep them informed through formal and informal communication. The ongoing contact with them helps managing the changes and reduces stress in the workplace.

Contact Center Services

  • Call Center (inbound, outbound)
  • Back Office (data collection, data recording, data cleaning, data maintaining)
  • Telesales
  • Customer base building, lead generation (B2C, B2B)
  • Front Office (personal customer service, hostess)
  • Service, helpdesk operation
  • E-mail, fax and document handling
  • Outstandings management
  • Client activation, reactivation
  • Market research, customer satisfaction research
  • Contact Center building and development – facility management
  • Expert advices, screening
  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
  • SSC services
Training services

  • Training program preparation and conducting
  • Professional training
  • Organisation development
  • Sales, customer service and management support
  • Leadership development
  • Communication training
  • Coaching and team building

Software development

  • Process automatisation
  • Quality control
  • Churn Alert System
  • E-trade
  • Database management (building, cleaning, profiling)

HR services

  • Workforce rent
  • Assessment Center
  • Recruiting
  • Suitability and reference checks
  • HR guidance
  • Payroll and National Insurance guidance with overall administration

Inbound / Outbound services

  • New generation communication channels
  • Market research
  • Customer service
  • Marketing
  • 7/24 Customer service solutions
  • Customer Satisfaction Measurement