Healthcare - UCC

Transparency, foreseeable results and precision are of utmost importance in customer service delivery in the healthcare industry. United Call Centers is privileged to deliver such quality services and partner with the most prestigious pharmaceutical and healthcare companies in Hungary. It is fundamental for the respective industries to provide contact center infrastructures with certified, standard quality management systems and United Call Centers is compliant with all related objectives and requirements. The ergonomically and infrastructurally exemplary call center, which serves as the backbone of our services, has secure and redundant information technology and data security facilities standard in the Shared Service Center (SSC) industry. The stability of our services is underpinned by our ISO 9001:2008 certification.

Our scope of high-quality services in the healthcare industry include medical appointment setting for manager screening, inbound customer support, and technical support. The expertise provided by United Call Centers is based on the background of our professionals in customer services, which enables our clients’ customer satisfaction to be maximised. We aim to closely monitor the service delivery lifecycle and guarantee exemplary customer experience by careful selection of operators, recording and quality analytics of inbound calls in a secure, proprietary closed system, and expert management. The implementation and delivery of our solutions are based on our experts’ decades worth of background in the call center industry, enabling us to deliver feasible systems to accept a high volume of inbound calls.

In addition to supporting key representatives of the healthcare industry, United Call Centers provides effective solutions to global players in other industries. Service and help-desk delivery, customer support, telemarketing and sales support are provided to the automotive industry, food and beverages (FMCG) companies, the energy sector, law firms, the oil industry, fintech companies and telecommunication providers. The expertise of our professionals enables a high level of service and increased revenues, allowing our clients to be more effective and secure a competitive position in their respective industries. This can be further improved by cost-optimisation of customer support solutions, and a continuous service improvement approach which enable us to offer innovative solutions with added value to our partners. It is our aim to continually improve the effectiveness of the services delivered to our partners, which in return establishes a firm foundation for improved brand recognition in the short term and in the long run as well.