Czech Inbound and Outbound telesurvey

Czech Inbound and Outbound telesurvey - UCC
Project Details:
  • Inbound and outbound calls, clinical survey - not telesales/telemarketing
  • Partner: Our partner is a leading full-service provider of global patient enrollment and retention solutions for the life sciences industry.
  • Task: Making outbound calls and taking inbound calls in order to have people fill in a clinical survey related to health issues
  • Paid training: mandatory project training before the campaign starts
  • Working Hours: Calls can be made every weekday between 9.00 - 18:00 working hours in the Czech Republic.
  • Contract type: Freelancer
  • 7 EUR/hr done monthly in the first 10 day of the following month
Work Environment Requirements:
  • Quiet workplace (tasks are delivered from the comfort of the help-desk agent's home)
  • USB Headset (separate microphone and loudspeakers are not good enough to manage calls)
  • Computer or Laptop with Windows operating system and
  • Broadband internet connection (mobile internet is not good enough to manage calls)
Training Method:
  • We use cloud based call center technology - You need to download our call handling system, which needs to be tested.
  • We train all of our agents online before the beginning of any project
  • We monitor the progress of agents and acknowledge successful inquiries
How to Apply:

Please email us at and send us your application accompanied by an English CV and a Cover letter.