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Contact Center services

Secure background in the transaction of calls

Our activity involves the whole pallet of contact center services, ranging from the telesales to the back office tasks and the professional handling of various types of inbound and outbound calls. We are aware of the fact that the customer service greatly influences the image of the company, therefore it is extremely important to us that our high-level trained colleagues can always serve the customers, who are the biggest treasure of our clients, with appropriate communication.

The base of our service is to promote customer retention and to cut the costs meanwhile providing new income sources for the enterprises.

What services are provided by the Contact Center?

A professionally and technologically well-prepared Call Center is inevitable for handling the inbound and outbound calls. The front and back office activities promote the personal customer service and the background data recording, data collection.

Helpdesk – with the quick reaction in case of possible emerging problems or malfunction, which significantly improves the level of client experience.

The telesales, i.e. telephone sales, provide an excellent opportunity for the enterprises for the cost-effective and interactive sales. Besides this, it is easy to be analyzed and suitable for immediate information collection.

The customer recruitment, lead generation are both available within the contact center services for both the business clients (B2B) and the consumer clients (B2C).

Besides the services mentioned above, we provide several opportunities, including:

E-mail, fax and document handling, asset management, customer activation, reactivation, market research, customer satisfaction surveys, consulting, audits, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), SSC services, Contact Center establishment and development – facility management.

Whom do we recommend?

  • For every enterprise where the excellent customer experience is important
  • Those who want to use a quick, easily manageable but stable and efficient system
  • Those who consider the professional development and quality service important.