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Call Center Service In The City Center Of Miskolc

Call Center Szolgáltatás Miskolc

Call Center Miskolc - Service Presentation

Maintaining a customer service can go with significant costs and not every enterprise can afford them. That is the reason why our company provides outstanding Call Center service for its partners in Miskolc.

An observable tendency is that the claim for having proactive client relationships have grown significantly. A more concentrated client experience, more complex effect and because of this a growth in sales can be achieved by the telephone communication. In case the telephone communication is carried out by a prepared and experienced colleague, the outbound calls, the customer service activities and telesales can achieve their goals more effectively.

What is the Call Center? (briefly)

The Call Center is a function within a company or outsourced, by which the company can handle a large number of telephone calls effectively. We also call the technical devices, the special switchboard-computer-software system, which perform this function Call Center.

Revenue generation

More and more companies realize that every single client contact can be transferred into a sales situation. Today’s call centers have those technologies which can make the work of the customer service operators significantly easier. Besides this, the outbound calls with a purpose of sales can be managed with the help of a call center more effectively.

Client retention

There is a fierce competition in most branches of industry. As a result, the clients got used to the quality service. Today they also claim to have the right to decide on when and on which device they contact the company which serves them. One form of the personal visit can be the call center, which is preferred by the clients.

Call Center software

The call center software improves the efficiency of calls and customer care by giving the operators a platform on which data recording is easier, and a platform which makes data processing easier for the managers. They can carry out inbound (e.g. customer service) and outbound (e.g. opinion polling, advertising product or service) tasks too.

Why is it beneficial to use our service?

  • Pricy technical investments can be avoided
  • Our company takes care of hiring the suitable workforce
  • Technological and quality assurance jobs do not have to be launched
  • Our high-quality technical equipment and qualified, experienced colleagues will support you.

A United Call Centers Ltd. can also be found in Debrecen, and Budapest.