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Would it be inevitable for you too to operate a call center, so that your company could handle its clients effectively?
The United Call Centers Ltd. can support you!

Call Center Debrecen - Service Presentation

You can use the outstanding technical conditions, several-year-experience call center service in Debrecen, which has everything needed: customer service, telesales, opinion pooling, and everything else, in which a call center can assist.

The operation of an own call center can have high expenditures for the companies. The selection of the suitable workforce, buying or developing the needed software and the technical equipment are all costly.

The United Call Centers can save these costs for you. Our several-year-experience guarantees that our partners receive the best quality service.

About the call center Debrecen: easily, briefly

The Call Center is a function within a company or outsourced, by which the company can handle a large number of telephone calls effectively. We also call the technical devices, the special switchboard-computer-software system, which perform this function Call Center.

Times change

In the past, the call center systems were an opportunity for the clients and a competitive advantage for the companies. Opposing to this, in the developed areas of the world it is completely different now: the operation of a call center is a requirement from clients and a must for companies to stay competitive on the market.


Your customers will be more satisfied and loyal if they have the chance to meet with living sound during their customer service processes. They prefer communicating with operators to robots.

What are the benefits of using our services?

  • Pricy technical investments can be avoided
  • Our company takes care of hiring the suitable workforce
  • Technological and quality assurance jobs do not have to be launched
  • Our high-quality technical equipment and qualified, experienced colleagues will support you.

A United Call Centers Ltd. can also be found in Miskolc, and Budapest.