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Call Center Budapest - Service Presentation

Continuous customer service, telesales, opinion pooling and much more… These are all services that can be implemented within a call center. Budapest is one of the cities where the service of United Call Centers Ltd. can be easily used.

The operation of an own call center can have high expenditures for the companies. The selection of the suitable workforce, buying or developing the needed software and the technical equipment are all costly.

The United Call Centers can save these costs for you. Our several-year-experience guarantees that our partners receive the best quality service.

Our company is an expert on HR services too, so we have a professional team for selecting our colleagues. It is also our interest that we ensure perfect workforce for our clients.

Whether it is a well-established call center software or unique development, it cannot be a problem for the United Call Centers. During the unique software development, we focus on your needs while preparing the system which can make the daily work of your company easier in the future. Obviously, we also provide the well-tried office programs which have proved in more-thousand working hours during the years that they are useful partners for the operators in the daily work.

Call Center Budapest - the benefits of our service

One of the biggest advantages of the outsourced call center is that you do not have to rent an office and do not have to purchase the inevitable IT instruments for the operation. All of these can be found in us, therefore the conditions are given for the successful work.

Whom do we recommend our service?

  • for those who do not want or are not able to maintain and spend enough energy on their own call center
  • who do not know in advance how big capacity is needed for them
  • who would like to use a cost-effective but beneficial service.
  • who are looking for a professional call center service provider partner for a long-term cooperation.

A United Call Centers Ltd. can also be found in Miskolc, and Debrecen.