United Call Centers

About us

At United Call Centers we provide quality services to our clients in the area of customer service, customer relation management, sales and in related business acivities. We provide human and material resources at the highest standard.

We are adapting to our partners’ constantly changing needs. Our goal is to grow our partners’ efficiency, and to make their customers fully satisfied with the services we provide in the name of our partner companies.

A team of experts

Here at United Call Centers our main target is to find the most efficient balance between the company’s human and material expends on these factors above and their spendings. In the maze of induvidual and group interests within the company, a team of experts can be of great help.

High standards

Today’s modern Contact Centers, like United Call Centers mean high operating costs in a complex enviroment. Every business’ main goal is to maximise it’s profit from it’s investments. The goal of the management is efficient and qualilty operation, while employees like to work in a good work enviroment. Our clients expect the highest standard of service.

Overall solutions

United Call Centers boasts ergonomic and infrasructural excellence in our call center, equipped with voice recording workstations, designed to undertake robust tasks. It has been developed to carry out the widest scale of customer service tasks.

We are a member of global compact

We are proud to be a member of Global Compact, an organisation working under UN, their ten principals centered around fight against corruption, enforcing human rights and safe working conditions. Screened by the UN, United Call Centers does everything to comply with these principals.

Acknowledged service

A gear example of our expertise, continous growth, excellent quality of services and business ethics is that in the past three years, the North-Hungarian Regional Directorate of National Tax and Customs Bureau and the B.A.Z. District Trading and Industry Alliance have included us in their top 100 company of the district.

UCC - ISO 9001

Excellent quality

The quality of our services ensures that our processes are operated in accordance with the ISO 9001: 2008 quality management system, and we carry out our activities in accordance with this spirit and guidelines.

Management Team